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Keenan Wellar on Nonprofit Quarterly

Although I penned my final article of the year last week, I am honoured to have been included in an end of year celebration of some of the volunteer contributors to Nonprofit Quarterly “An Ode To Brains And Backbone”. Thousands of articles are published each year, ranging from lengthy features to newswires, and it all happens thanks to an intriguing and inspiring mix of staff writers/editors and volunteer writers. I invite you to learn more about it, and see the skills of the NPQ team on display as demonstrated by how they took my biographical information and made my life sound very exciting! Happy holidays to all, and I with you a healthy and happy 2020!


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About Keenan Wellar

Keenan is a citizen of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and co-leader of a social change and community benefit organization,, a registered charity which helps the community welcome and include people with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis to live, work, and play as valued citizens. LiveWorkPlay was named Ottawa's Best Non-Profit of 2019 by the Ottawa Board of Trade and Ottawa Business Journal "Best Ottawa Business Awards " With Julie Kingstone, Keenan is co-owner of Wellstone Leadership Services, dedicated to supporting a culture of excellence for non-profit, private sector, government organizations, collaborations, and partnerships. Keenan is a founding member of the leadership group for the From Presence To Citizenship collaborative. Keenan is a regular guest (monthly) of the News 1310 Power Lunch radio show, and he writes the monthly NPQ North column for Nonprofit Quarterly. When not working and supporting various social causes, Keenan loves kayaking and wildlife photography, cheering for the Ottawa RedBlacks and Pittsburgh Steelers, and causing a disturbance on social media.
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