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I'm a citizen of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and co-leader of social change charitable organization, which helps the community welcome people with intellectual disabilities to live, work, and play as valued citizens. With Julie Kingstone, I am co-owner of Wellstone Leadership Services, dedicated to supporting a culture of excellence for non-profit, private sector, government organizations, collaborations, and partnerships. I also have alter-egos that support the Ottawa RedBlacks and Ottawa Fury. Find me on Twitter @socialkeenan @liveworkplay @wellstoneleader @redblacksfanabove @furyfanabove. I'm all over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn too. Also spotted outdoors from time to time, mainly in the Glebe area.

5 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

In May, with our colleagues at CE Holmes Consulting Inc., we co-hosted the Vancouver edition of the Canadian Values Conversations, and had the privilege of hearing from some Vancouver BC residents about what matters most to them. One of the…

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On Turning 50!

Yup, I’m 50! Continue reading

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“Overhead” and charitable giving: think twice!

I had the opportunity to write about a topic that has been on my mind for many years now, both as a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer as well as being the co-leader of a charitable organization: the “war on overhead” … Continue reading

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Should people with intellectual disabilities be removed from Ontario’s employment standards so they can work for sub-minimum wage? Regress or progress?

Note: 10 minutes from the original interview is not included (mainly introductory information. Entire interview available from the AMI website (podcasts). With Ontario’s new Better Wages, Fair Workplaces Act (2017) aka Bill 148, sheltered workshops and other sub-minimum wage arrangements must … Continue reading

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Update: Trekking Our Way To Core Gifts!

Julie and I have given a lot to LiveWorkPlay over the past 22 years or so, but we’ve lost track of how much we’ve received: the incredible people we’ve met, and the experiences we’ve had that would not have been … Continue reading

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LiveWorkPlay Column, Ottawa Sun

What a great piece by Ottawa journalist and philanthropist Kimothy Walker. The tribute to Dr. Dan (Offord) is wonderfully done. You can read the free online version from this link. At a time when Julie and I are working closely … Continue reading

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Happy 2018!

This was a fun start to a new year! First, you’ll see a quick time lapse of the distant Parliament Hill fireworks. Stick with it! Next up is the fireworks at Lansdowne Park. This was filmed with Facebook Live so … Continue reading

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