Keenan Wellar

Thanks for visiting my personal blog! I also have an extension of this blog called “Keenan Speaks” where I list media and public appearances. I’m the Co-Leader and Director of Communications for Ottawa-based charitable organization, which supports people with intellectual disabilities to experience life as included members of the community. My wife Julie Kingstone and I co-founded LiveWorkPlay back in 1995. It became our surprise full-time occupation in 1997 when I left my position as a project manager in the IT education sector and Julie left her position as a Recreation Therapist at a local hospital.

In 2015 I authored the book “The Courage to Fail, the Will to Succeed: Twenty Years of the LiveWorkPlay Experience 1995-2015″ with a foreword by Al Condeluci, PhD. It is a chronicle of our journey of errors, learning, reinvention, and success.

The organization has undergone many ups and downs, but the trend has almost always been positive, and the last decade in particular has been pretty spectacular. Starting in 2008 we made many changes that have paid off in a big way in terms of our ability not only to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities, but to develop inclusive thoughts and actions throughout Ottawa. Our efforts and successes in supporting inclusion in housing, employment, and community life was recognized in 2013 with a United Way Ottawa Community Builder of the Year Award for Belonging to Community.

I currently serve LiveWorkPlay under the title of “Executive Staff” (the formal term reference in our by-laws) and in practical terms I am the Co-Leader and Director of Communications (Julie is also an Executive Staff and serves as Co-Leader and Director of Operations).

Working with an amazing staff team of 25 and more than 150 volunteers, LiveWorkPlay directly supports more than 100 individuals and where applicable, works in close partnership with their family members. I am the lead on many of our local, national, and international advocacy activities such as the From Presence To Citizenship project.


LiveWorkPlay received the 2014 Community Living Ontario Social Media Award (click on photo for details)

The outcomes of my work in marketing and communications have been reflected most publicly through the organization’s media relations and robust social media strategy, but it’s really about building trust and relationships with others. At a time when voluntary organizations are struggling with succession and sustainability, LiveWorkPlay has attracted highly qualified staff, grown its volunteer corps, built a robust board of directors, and diversified its funding. In 2014 I was honoured to accept the Community Living Ontario social media award.

Recognized in 2010 with a personal United Way Ottawa Community Builder Award (which bears my name but is shared with many) I am an active community volunteer, providing mainly pro bono workshops for non-profit organizations at local, provincial, and national events. I am currently taking a break from some of my volunteer interests (such as Meals on Wheels; I wear my 1000 hours of service pin at many local events and encourage people to get involved, it is a great place to volunteer) to avoid getting overextended.

In the fall of 2012 I accepted a position with United Way Ottawa as a Focus Area Champion (Belonging To Community) where for three years I assisted in promoting United Way efforts to reduce unemployment for people with disabilities.

In 2014 I accepted the invitation to become a mentor with the Carleton Alumni Mentor Program. I plan to continue ever year, for as long as there are students who believe they can benefit. In 2016 I was recruited to the Algonquin College Developmental Service Worker Advisory Committee. I hope to contribute to an updated curriculum that will provide graduates with a new understanding of their role in supporting an included life in the community for people with intellectual disabilities.

I’ve also started to do more writing, including contributions to professional journals. I am interested in the non-profit community beyond my own field of work, particularly as regards the need for reform. In a nutshell, I believe we have too strong of a program orientation and not enough of a focus on organizational ends. In other words, the purpose of charities is not to run programs, it is to solve problems. We have too many scarce resources being channeled into programs that aren’t actually evaluated for the contribution they make to the community. There are also many inefficiencies, which relates to the disturbing trend of younger people being discouraged about working in this sector.

Underlying all of my efforts be they in business, community, or personal life, is an affinity with the sociological concept of social capital, which refers to the connections within and between social networks. Through this understanding of human relationships and their value, I utilize social capital to pursue positive change in the context of institutional barriers and biases that make change difficult for individuals and communities alike.

As part of my shifting work responsibilities I have started to spend more time communicating formally and informally in an effort engage people and groups in a dialogue about building an inclusive society. Partnerships often begin with a cup of coffee and open agenda about improving our community. If that sounds like a conversation worth having, I invite you to contact me – as everyone says these days “I’m busy” but you won’t be ignored, I will get back to you!


My formal educational background includes an Honours BA in History and a Bachelor of Education with Ontario Teacher Certification (both from the University of Ottawa) as well as an MA in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies (Carleton University) and a Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing (Sprott School of Business at Carleton University). I would be interested in completing a doctorate at some point in the future, perhaps in semi-retirement.

In 2014 I completed the BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer (CGT) certification, and along with Julie, I am (or was at the time) one of only six Canadians with this distinction.

Professional development is part of our culture at LiveWorkPlay, and I’ve learned a lot from amazing thinkers and communicators like Dr. Al Condeluci, Bruce Anderson, and David Pitonyak. I’ve had the privilege to not only attend seminars and workshops with such important social change aficionados, but also to have honest and open small group conversations. I think this is how most people learn best.


I like to read on my Kindle and enjoy watching what I consider quality television, which includes current shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and The Newsroom.

I love the Pittsburgh Steelers and I think the US Open tennis tournament is one of the greatest experiences on earth (admittedly, I have seen only a fraction of the planet). Julie and I have attended the Open ten times. I am very excited for the return of CFL Football in Ottawa. Go RedBlacks!

When I get out of the house in my own part of the world I enjoy photography, whether it is the urban areas near my home at Lansdowne or more natural settings, especially in and around Frontenac Provincial Park, which remains a “wild place.” My wife Julie Kingstone and I love kayaking together, especially if the day ends with a really great meal, preferably with some red wine shared with great friends.

I like to stay up late – sometimes very late – which over the years has been both a gift and a curse. If you are a fellow night owl, you might find me up late with my synapses firing. On a typical late night I will be doing some writing, editing some video, and perhaps some listening and reading – anything from non-profit management articles to the news of the day or a Jack Reacher adventure. Reach out to me @socialkeenan on Twitter or on Facebook at strange hours and you might be startled by a quick reply!

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