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LinkedIn Fun!

Whether you have joined LinkedIn or not, you might find my blog title a bit odd. Isn’t LinkedIn sort of like the social media network designed for not having fun? Well, although it doesn’t boast any games where you can … Continue reading

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Youth In The Non-Profit Sector: Contribution To The Philanthropist Special Edition

It was my pleasure to contribute an article to The Philanthropist special edition on youth in the non-profit sector. The introduction to this edition states in part “In discussions with adults and youth knowledgeable about the not-for-profit sector, it became … Continue reading

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Transcript of Nonprofit Spark audio broadcast: “A nonprofit reinvents itself: LiveWorkPlay takes on social change”

 This is an unofficial transcript. A big thanks to Jennifer Harris for transcription. Nonprofit Spark:  April 16, 2012 A nonprofit reinvents itself: LiveWorkPlay takes on social change Interview with Keenan Wellar, Co-Leader, LiveWorkPlay.ca (Transcript of Audio Broadcast) Welcome to Nonprofit … Continue reading

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Of Outputs & Outcomes: A Great Week

I spend a lot of time working on marketing and communications (what’s the difference?) with LiveWorkPlay. I believe in outcomes, not outputs, but the challenge of that perspective is outcomes are really hard! Pushing out old school press releases, or … Continue reading

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Ottawa Bus Riders Await Their Fate

UPDATE! EVENING AND WEEKEND SERVICE FOR ROUTE 16 IS NOW RECOMMENDED TO CONTINUE! To everyone who wrote letters, sent emails, made phone calls, made presentations, and attended the public consultations, thank you for making your voice heard. Special thanks to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Having a Problem with SlutWalk

On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police speaking at a university campus safety session made the upsetting statement that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” In response, the Toronto SlutWalk was … Continue reading

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