Turning Feminist Progress into Lasting Change: Trudeau’s Score in 8 Policy Areas

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Canada’s Poverty Reduction Results: Policy-Driven or Economy-Driven? — Keenan Wellar on Nonprofit Quarterly

I asked and received! My editors at Nonprofit Quarterly were enthusiastic in responding to my request for contributing some Canadian content! Please check out today’s newswire about Canada’s poverty reduction strategy. What do you think – what’s your answer to the question in my blog title?

via Canada’s Poverty Reduction Results: Policy-Driven or Economy-Driven? — Keenan Wellar on Nonprofit Quarterly

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The Structured Inclusiveness of #RedforEd: A Union Strategy with Staying Power

My last NPQ newswire in February. and it’s an interesting one!

Keenan Wellar on Nonprofit Quarterly

For my last Nonprofit Quarterly newswire of February, I take a look at how the #REDforED movement has become more inclusive and more focused on social justice issue, part of the explanation of why it is expanding and attracting many new partners for issues of racial injustice, economic equality, and more. There is much more going on here than a “teacher strike” and it just keeps growing!

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Addressing a 2019 Problem: Middle Class, No Housing


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti described homelessness as the “the greatest moral and humanitarian crisis of our time.” Los Angeles may be at the epicenter of the homelessness wave—the area has experienced a 75 percent growth in homelessness over the past seven years and has the highest rate of unsheltered people in the country—but this is a nationwide problem, and a growing one.

Check out my latest NPQ contribution where we examine the use of a land trust model to deliver affordable housing through a public-private-nonprofit partnership!

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Back in Action with Nonprofit Quarterly

One of my resolutions kept in 2018 was to start contributing as a write to the nonprofit community – mission accomplished with NPQ!

Keenan Wellar on Nonprofit Quarterly

I took some time off over December-January, and that included an interruption in my newswire writing with NPQ. I am getting back on the keys this week, and you’ll hopefully see a new article from me in the coming days. In the meantime, I am also catching up on my own reading, and came across this post by the editors back in January:


I am pleased to announce that one of my contributions made the list!


While I am thrilled to make this prestigious list, I am not surprised that this particular article represented some of my best writing, because the fair treatment of nonprofit organizations, their volunteers, and staff is something that I care deeply about. I expect I will return to this theme at some point in 2019 should the opportunity arise! Meantime, please check out the full list of top articles, including my own contribution!


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5 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

In May, with our colleagues at CE Holmes Consulting Inc., we co-hosted the Vancouver edition of the Canadian Values Conversations, and had the privilege of hearing from some Vancouver BC residents about what matters most to them.

One of the key questions we all walked away with was, “How can we bring our values more to life in our communities?” In this blog we’re exploring 5 simple ways you can use your own values to make a real difference in your community – whether that’s your family, group of friends, team at work, associations you’re part of or more broadly.

1. Identify what matters most to you

leadership coaching

It’s easier to take action when you are clear about your passions. What do you value most? As values can change, it’s a good idea to do a check-in with yourself every few years to discover – or re-affirm – what…

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On Turning 50!




Don’t worry, I didn’t write this while I’m on holiday this week, I wrote it before I left, and using the magic of the interwebs, put it on a publishing timer! I figured at least a couple of people might notice I am turning 50 and I didn’t want to appear ungrateful for your kind words, so here’s a quick blog to say THANKS for being a part of my journey. Also, hi mom and dad! Love you! We’ll be OK! Probably!

ring.jpgIt is somewhat of a weather-dependent idea, but Julie and I might be about to start our ascent of Mount Monroe in the White Mountains of New Hampshire soon after this blog goes live. It’s a network-dependent idea that I might do some Facebook live at various times to mark the occasion, so keep an eye out.


We got engaged here (alongside Arethusa Falls in the early spring of 2001) and I really didn’t feel like having some sort of big party, but I did want this milestone birthday to be memorable, so it came to me about 3am one night (as my good or bad ideas often do): you and Julie should climb a 5000 foot mountain to mark your 50 years.

That’s the plan, anyway. The backup is to climb 500 feet. Either way it will be memorable for one reason or another.

Other than your good wishes, I don’t want anything for my birthday except a better world, so if you want to do a little something, you can make a donation to LiveWorkPlay or any other charity that helps people with disabilities enjoy a more included life in their own communities.


This week’s climbing should be quite different, but you never know!

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