Celebrating 28 Years of LiveWorkPlay at Make A Buzz Ottawa 2023

Keenan Speaks

Although we went back to live dinner events in Decemeber and March, we had not done Make A Buzz Ottawa since 2019, and we needed to make a lot of changes, mainly, reducing microphone time and increasing social time for guests, and delivering an overall event experience in under 3 hours. The short story: we did it! The collage has photos of me but that’s because this is my blog – I was really happy to be playing mainly an MC role, the one award I presented myself is the Community Ambassador Award which is really an award from the “marketing department” (that’s me!). There were so many amazing moments, but certainly any time you see a spontaneous standing ovation, you remember it. The first video in the playlist below is a moving ceremony that ends with raucous joy. After 28 years, there’s still so much to love.

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