Rest in Peace, Alvin “Skip” Walker #33

My tribute to Alvin “Skip” Walker, through some of the work of the Ottawa Citizen reporters and photographers of the 1982-1983 seasons. What Ottawa Rough Riders fan couldn’t wait for Eddie MacCabe to break it all down for us? Would Wayne Cuddington get a photo of our favourite player that we could clip out of the paper? Or F. Scott Grant (see player card photo credit) and so many more talented writers and photojournalists.

As for Skip Walker, I will never forget that 1982 home game against Calgary, sitting in the $4 end zone seats with my friend Glen, as we ran up the score in that improbable 42-19 dominating victory in an otherwise pretty dreary season, and realizing “Skip might get 200 yards!” He did that (203) along with FOUR touchdowns. I remember always yelling at Glen (as if he didn’t know} WALKER IS STILL GOING! They just couldn’t bring him down.

He had another great season in 1983, but he was a light that burned bright and quickly. Back spasms, knee, and whatever else contributed to that “he’s lost a step” and that was pretty much it. But I will never forget the joy of those special games and memories. Rest in peace, Alvin Skip Walker, 1954-2022 (Age 67).

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