Hello, this page is a redirect from WELLAR.ca which was a landing page for members of the Wellar and Kingstone clans. We could see that many people were still using that page to jump off to other sites, so we have redirected it here so the tradition can continue.

  • If you are looking for LiveWorkPlay, the charitable organization co-founded by Julie Kingstone and Keenan Wellar (who are now the co-leaders) then you found it: http://liveworkplay.ca
  • Barry Wellar (PhD) the award-winning University of Ottawa Professor Emeritus is now head of Wellar Consulting http://wellar.ca/wellarconsulting/
  • Feeling some nostalgia for August 25, 2001, or just plain curious? The Julie and Keenan Wedding Website lives on http://www.wellar.ca/wedding/
  • Peter Kingstone the multidisciplinary artist (also known for teaching, curating, and just about anything else related to the arts) can be found at http://peterkingstone.com/
  • Keenan does not maintain his website anymore, but it doesn’t matter, if you need golf instruction or the best piano man the world has ever known Dave Kalil http://www.davekalil.com/
  • In case you are really confused about where in the virtual world you have landed, this page is part of Keenan’s personal blog website and you can find all of his contact information at http://socialkeenan.com

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  1. Fantastic news congratulations!


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